Winter isn’t Over Yet! Here’s How to Reduce Your Risk of an Electrical Hazard

Winter isn’t Over Yet! Here’s How to Reduce Your Risk of an Electrical Hazard

Feb 27

Winter weather keeps us cooped up inside, operating a variety of appliances, space heaters, and gadgets for comfort and entertainment, all of which increase the risk of a house fire. Here’s how to get through the remaining weeks of winter safely.

Electrical Heater Safety

Some people might overlook space heaters when it comes to electrical safety. However, they should be used responsibly. You should follow these tips to prevent injury:

  • Keep away from flammable objects like curtains and furniture

  • Keep away from running or standing water

  • Avoid plugging into extension cords

  • Try to buy units with tip-over safety features

Check Your Cords

Although extension cords are a convenient way to extend electricity to your appliances and gadgets, they can also be dangerous when misused. Here are some ways you can lower your risk for injury or fires:

  • Keep away from your furnace, oven, and fireplace

  • Aren’t hanging doors or furniture

  • Use appropriate cords for outdoor usage

  • Use appropriate cords for the wattage for appliances they will be used for

  • Avoid using the maximum length of the cord

Outlet Safety

Overloaded outlets can spark electrical hazards and house fires. Reduce that risk with these safety tips:

  • Use surge protectors with an internal circuit breaker—these will trip if the unit is overloaded

  • Only place one high-wattage device into each outlet

  • Opt for tamper-resistant outlets

  • Use outlet safety caps if you have small children or pets

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