How to Keep Lead Out of Your Water

How to Keep Lead Out of Your Water

Jul 15

You may have seen that in recent news reports, it’s been announced that Denver Water will be replacing thousands of lead water service lines over the next 15 years — and that’s a long time to wait when it comes to the safety and health of your family. While you may worry that your drinking water is unsafe, there are some things that you can do now to reduce levels of lead and improve your water quality. 

What is Lead?

Lead is a natural element that is found in the earth’s crust.  Although it’s part of the earth’s makeup, it can be harmful to humans and animals if ingested in large amounts. Lead can be found in the air, soil, and water as well as inside our homes. Although there are federal and state regulations to reduce the amount of lead in the environment, there are still some precautions that should be taken. 

How to Find Out If There is Lead in Your Water

You cannot see lead, and it has no taste or smell. The best way to find out if there is lead contamination in your water is to have it tested professionally. The EPA requires all community water systems to have a water quality report available for anyone who wishes to obtain information about the quality of the water in their area. 

The most common places in the home that lead in drinking water may be found are in lead pipes, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures. For more information about testing and if the drinking water is safe in your area, contact The National Lead Information Center

Best Ways to Get Lead Out of Your Water

If your home was built before the eighties, it’s possible that you have lead pipes in your home. The first and best way to get lead out of your water is to replace your lead pipes completely. A professional plumber can make recommendations and help you decide the best plan of action to get the lead pipes inside of your home replaced.  If replacing your pipes isn’t feasible at this time, you can try the following:

  • Keep your home dust-free
  • Quickly clean up and take care of any water damage in your home
  • Use cold water to prepare your food and drinks
  • Flush water faucets and other outlets that are used for drinking and food prep
  • Utilize a home filtration system on all water taps

If you’ve found out that you have lead in your pipes and need pipe replacement, we can help. Call or schedule an appointment online today with AAA Service. Our experienced plumbers have the knowledge and experience to handle the toughest of plumbing issues.