What Causes a Short Circuit?

What Causes a Short Circuit?

Oct 22

It can be incredibly frustrating when the electric in our home isn’t operating up to snuff. Without electricity, this modern convenience all of a sudden turns into an inconvenience — we are not accustomed to running our everyday lives without electric.

A short circuit happens when two wires touch that is not intended to come into contact with each other. Here are some reasons why a short circuit could happen and how you can avoid them.

What Causes a Short Circuit?

Electrical Switches – If you turn on your electrical switch and hear a pop sound, you most likely have tripped the breaker or blown a fuse. If your switch or outlet feels warm to the touch, it’s best to contact a professional electrician to assess the problem.

Receptacles – If your outlet receptacle is dead, it’s best to turn off the power from the electrical panel. It’s possible that the electrical wires could be burned or disconnected. Don’t take apart the receptacle to investigate the problem on your own — contact an electrician for further investigation instead.

Appliances – Fans, hairdryers, irons, and older model refrigerators are common appliances in tripping breakers. Short circuits could occur in the plugs, power cords or within the device itself. Call a professional electrician to address the short circuit for safety reasons.

Electrical Cords – While you may not think that electrical cords are tasty, pests like mice, rats, and squirrels like to chew on wires. This could cause a neutral and live wire to touch, thus creating a short. Household pets are also notorious for chewing on electrical cords, so keep them out of reach as much as possible.

It’s not recommended to investigate a short circuit without consulting a professional. High temperatures from the current flow can cause a fire hazard. A seasoned electrician can address the problem safely. If you’ve encountered a short circuit issue, AAA Service can help! Our highly skilled and trained electricians know are fully knowledgeable about the causes of electrical shorts and know how to fix them promptly. Call or schedule an appointment online today!