Are Cold Showers Healthier Than Hot Showers?

Are Cold Showers Healthier Than Hot Showers?

Aug 2

Hot or Cold? What is your shower of choice? Over 70% of Americans say they solely take hot showers if they are available. We understand why and we also understand that this requires a working water heater which we can help you with here at AAA Service. But what if we told you a cold shower was better for your long term health? Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of Hot Showers

  • Hot showers almost have zero benefits to our health except for the fact that they can soothe aching muscles. But truth be told, a warm bath will do it better than a shower.
  • Oxytocin is a hormone that causes stress and anxiety in the human brain. Hot showers have actually been proven to lower the production of this hormone because they are relaxing.
  • Aside from being enjoyable, hot showers are really more of a drain than they are a benefit. You have to pay to heat that water that is used and you also tend to stay in a hot shower longer than a cold one.

Benefits of Cold Showers

  • Cold showers give us the kick that we need to start the day on the energetic foot. They have been proven to increase energy levels and mental alertness because the body is ‘shocked’ into action.
  • A cool shower costs less to run than a hot one so you can actually take more showers daily. Rinsing off in the morning and before you go to bed will ensure hygiene and it won’t negatively impact your wallet.
  • Cold showers are known to boost metabolism which is the main ingredient in weight loss. Most people’s bodies take time to wake up, so does their metabolism! Taking a cold shower in the morning can help you digest that big breakfast and convert it into usable energy.
  • On the cosmetic side, cold showers can actually help reduce split ends and help to hydrate skin. Warm water actually contributes to dry skin!

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