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Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters consume a lot of energy as they keep the water hot even when you are not in need of it. However, a tankless water heater allows you to save on energy use because it only heats water when you need it.

It is definitely a good investment to make for your home and is especially a great option for families looking to go green. So, if you are thinking of getting a tankless water heater, consider some of these benefits to make an informed decision:

No More Cold Showers

There is no need to take cold showers in the morning with a tankless water heater. Cold showers are a thing of the past now. This is because the water is heated instantly when you need it and so you no longer have to wait for the water to warm up to take a shower.

Energy Efficient

Standard water heaters are known to be the second-highest energy-consuming appliance in a home. However, tankless heaters are energy-efficient, allowing you to run more appliances at the same time. You could take a shower, even while the washing machine and dishwasher are working. Moreover, a tankless water heater will let you take full advantage of your Jacuzzi tub or Roman bath.

Saves Money

Standard tank units waste a lot of energy, heating up the water even when you don’t need it. However, in tankless heaters, the water only heats up when you are in need of it. As a result, you save lots of money on electricity or gas. Tankless heaters are capable of cutting your costs by up to 30% a year.

Less Waste

Since there is no tank used, there is no place for impurities to build up. Most tankless water heaters are made completely of recycled materials, whereas, standard tank units are made of materials that are disposed of in landfills.

Lasts Longer

Standard tank units normally have a 6-year warranty and only last 8 to 10 years. However, tankless units have a 10 to 15-year warranty and can last up to approximately 20 years before replacement.

Space Savings

Tankless water heaters are small and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. The best part is they can be mounted on a wall, either outside or inside of your house or even in the garage.

Cleaner Water

Standard water heaters can cause rust inside their tanks, where hot water is stored for bathing and drinking. However, in tankless heaters, there are no tanks used so there is nowhere for impurities to build up. This means you will have fresher and cleaner water.

Two Types of Tanks

You can choose between electric and gas tanks. The gas tank uses high-pressure burners to heat the water, while electric tanks use electrical currents to heat the water.

Adding up, tankless water heaters are also available in many different sizes. So, you can choose the perfect size for your home and take advantage of all the benefits mentioned above.

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