How Your Humidifier Can Keep You Healthy During Flu Season
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How Your Humidifier Can Keep You Healthy During Flu Season

Using a Humidifier To Fight Off the Flu

Humidifiers have one simple purpose — to add more moisture to our dry homes. While this is especially great if you have a little one at home or to reduce your heating costs this year, a humidifier can also help you battle flu season and come out on the other side healthy. Here’s how:

Humidifiers Stop the Spreading of Germs

You may have heard that the flu shot is your best bet at warding off germs, but your humidifier can aid in that as well. According to a 2009 study from the National Academy of Sciences, germs survive and thrive in dry air conditions. This means that if your indoor humidity level is low, you may have a higher chance of contracting the flu or becoming ill. 

By adjusting your home’s humidity levels to around 45 to 50%, you can prevent germs from spreading and transmitting to those around you. 

Humidifiers Help Ward Off Future Illnesses

Those tiny hairs inside your nose are called cilia; they’re used to help prevent bacteria, germs, foreign objects, and dust from entering your nasal passages and possibly causing you to become ill. When the air in your home is too dry, your nose may become dry as well — preventing these little cilia from doing their job. Adding a humidifier can ensure that you fight off the flu and other possible diseases. Talk about being proactive!

Humidifiers Help You Breathe Easier

Having a stuffy nose and sinus congestion are no fun when you’re sick, but it also makes breathing difficult. Adding moisture to the air through the use of a humidifier will help your lungs breathe with ease, and will help to open up your nasal and throat passageways. A warm mist humidifier works best when you’re sick, as they can dispense a heated mist that will bring you comfort, allowing you to rest at home while battling off the flu. 
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