How to Improve Indoor Air Quality
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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in a home can become dirty — leading to odors, bacteria, and allergens making your home’s atmosphere unpleasant. However, there are ways to improve indoor air quality to give you and your family a healthier environment. Here are some tips!

Tip 1: Keep the Home Sanitized

Keeping a home clean can improve its air quality by eliminating the household debris that floats through the air onto surfaces. Make sure to vacuum, dust, and mop frequently to maintain your home’s cleanliness.

Tip 2: Change HVAC Filters

Changing the filters on your HVAC equipment can improve the quality of the air in your home. Check filters at least once a month to determine how dirty it is and if a replacement is needed — however, the rule of thumb is to replace completely every three months. It is possible to find basic air filters that are inexpensive, but homeowners can also buy high-efficiency particulate air filters that will capture tiny particles.

Tip 3: Use Portable Air Purifiers

An additional way to have cleaner air in a home is by using portable air purifiers. It is easy to move these devices from one room to another to eliminate odors or to capture pet dander and dust.

Tip 4: Keep Houseplants in a Home

Houseplants are one of the best natural air fresheners you can buy. Make sure to place houseplants in warmer areas of a home near sunlight and away from drafts so that the plants will thrive.

Tip 5: Clean Vents and Ductwork in a Home

If the ductwork and vents in a home are filthy, then debris can enter the air, leading to pungent odors and floating dust. Homeowners can remove some of the visible dirt from climate-control vents, but hiring an expert to clean the ductwork will eliminate additional debris.

At AAA Today, we offer a variety of services for homes, including air quality improvement. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about how we can help.

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