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Signs Your Home Has Leaky Pipes

There is that old saying, “Trouble likes company.” Well, that is definitely the case when you’re talking leaky pipes. What may appear to be a minimal issue with a little moisture could actually be a sign of a significant problem or an issue that could lead to major damage. Your best bet? Be aware of the common signs of leaky pipes and contact your local AAA Service for repair help if you suspect an issue.

Signs of Leaky Pipes

While some leaks are minor and can be easily identified (for example, a leak in your toilet or showerhead), others aren’t quite so easy. These leaks are the ones that are the most dangerous and can end up costing you money you don’t have (or at least don’t want to spend on repairing water damage). Be cautious and know the common signs of leaking pipes in and around your home.

1. Unusually high water bills

If you notice your water bill has spiked and you haven’t had any abnormal activity or water use in your home to explain the cost, it could be an indicator that you have a leak. Keep in mind that you’ll likely notice other indicators, such as damp spots, water rings, or even puddles, in your home should that be the case.

2. Change in water pressure

If you typically have good water pressure and suddenly notice low water pressure in your home, act sooner. It likely means that there is an issue that should be addressed. A disturbance in the line, such as a rupture or clog, can change water pressure.

3. Wet spots

Wet spots are generally a pretty telltale sign of a leak. You’ll want to look specifically around your sinks, bathtub or shower, and toilets. A wet spot may be visibly wet or noticeable discolored and can be a key indicator that you have a leak.

4. Mold or mildew

Moisture in the walls of your home creates the ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you notice mold or mildew forming on one of your non-shower walls, you’ll want to have it checked immediately for a leaky pipe problem.

5. Stale or musty odor

When water or moisture accumulates, it creates an odor. Most describe the smell as stale or musty. If you have done any cleaning in your home but notice there is a lingering musty smell, it may be a sign that you have a leaky pipe. The smell is a great indicator.

If you notice any of these indicators, get a service scheduled soon. Contact AAA Service today to schedule a consultation, so we can help you avoid further damage to your home.