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Swamp Cooler Repair – Checklist for Evaporative Swamp Cooler Tune Up

Evaporative cooling is especially well-suited for dry climates and evaporative coolers also called swamp coolers, do a good job of helping you maintain your cool over the summer. To make the most of your evaporative cooling system, it pays to maintain it before the summer season starts.

Swamp Cooler Tune-Up

Here’s a swamp cooler maintenance checklist to help you get started:

  • Remove the protective winter covers from the unit.
  • Remove any insulating material (like a newspaper) from inside the unit.
  • Install new cooler pads.
  • Clean the water reservoir beneath the unit.
  • Repaint the reservoir if it’s rusted.
  • Check for proper float valve operation.
  • Assure there are no leaks with the water supply.
  • Inspect the motor, fan belt, and bearings.
  • Check for noise issues.
  • Run the unit and make sure there are no dry spots on the pads.
  • Assure cooling is at the correct temperature.

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If you run into problems during this annual maintenance, call for one of our trained swamp cooler service technicians who can troubleshoot the problem and make the necessary repairs. We want to help you stay cool all summer.