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You Should Consider Switching to a Swamp Cooler

Woman sitting on couch with her head backSwamp coolers are a lot simpler than air conditioners. They aren’t powered by artificial refrigerant and they don’t require as much energy to operate. Swamp coolers use evaporation to cool and they are quite effective in the right climate.

How Do They Work?

Have you ever taken a damp rag and hung it over your fan to keep cool in a dire situation? Well, that is essentially how a swamp cooler works, just in a more controlled fashion. Before the air enters your house, it is passed through a set of damp pads. When the air gets to the pads, evaporation begins to take place and the water from the unit changes from liquid to gas. When the cooler gas molecules become suspended in the air, they suck out the heat in order to gain equilibrium.

How Can a Swamp Cooler Benefit Me?

A swamp cooler has multiple environmental and financial benefits:

  • Lower Installation Costs: A swamp cooler costs anywhere between $700-$1000 to install. If you have seen what it costs to install a central air unit, you know it is much greater than that.
  • Lower Utility Costs: Depending on the cost of electricity and water, a swamp cooler can lower your utility bills by as much as 33%!
  • Less Impact on the Environment: Lower utility costs are a direct result of less electricity being used. If you are using less electricity, the local power plant does not have to use as much oil to power your home.

If you are in line for a new cooling unit, you should seriously consider all of the benefits that a swamp cooler brings to the table.

Swamp coolers are especially well suited for our Denver area climate. If you want some more information on swamp coolers and how they can benefit you, contact the experts at AAA Service. We are the guys in the bright pink trucks that you see all over town!

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