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Selecting the Right Swamp Cooler

Standing FanSwamp coolers use water evaporation as a means of cooling a room. This device is economical, environment-friendly and doesn’t require heavy maintenance as compared to traditional wind coolers, also known as air coolers. Swamp coolers are affordable to purchase, provide good functionality and are ’green’. Additionally, their operating costs can be as low as 70% compared to traditional air coolers. This article will help you choose the right type of Swamp Cooler for your environment and needs.

What is a Swamp Cooler?

Generally, a swamp cooler is a device that cools the air by evaporating water. They pull dry, stale air in and force it into a water moist cooled pad. Afterward, the cool water is evaporated in the air. Due to this process, the evaporated water helps lower the temperature by as much as by 20o in some cases, once the cool air is circulated back into the environment through a powerful fan. This process produces a gentle breeze which reduces the room temperature considerably.

In order to get maximum cooling from your swamp cooler, you should place it in a location where there is a constant supply of fresh air. For example, place it near a window or an open corridor. Keep in mind that a swamp cooler needs constant access to a source of fresh air without which it will not cool properly. A fresh supply of air is also necessary as it maintains the humidity level in your place. Without fresh air, the machine will be unable to produce the desired effect. It will only cause the humidity level to rise which will make you feel damp and uneasy.

Selecting the Right Swamp Cooler for Your Needs

For selecting the right swamp cooler, you have to underline your requirements. Moreover, keep the cost-efficiency in view as the purpose should be to make the most of your investment. Also, look at the weather-related problems where you intend to install the swamp cooler. If you have a confined space, you can go for a portable cooler which is easy to install and refill without much hassle. Whether you need to install it in a commercial or residential setting, you should keep the temperature in mind. There are two main types of swamp coolers, namely:

Portable Swamp Coolers

These are lightweight, can be moved freely and are quite easy to install and maintain. In fact, some portable versions come preinstalled with wheel mounts and handle for ease of movement within the premises.

Window Swamp Coolers

These are slightly bigger in size and power, hence they cool better if installed in a properly ventilated place. Window swamp coolers are better for larger places, such as halls. Keep in mind that window swamp coolers are a different category compared to portable coolers.

Both designs have different dimensions, weight, and power distribution. Due to this, they use different power sources and provide suitable cooling (CFM) ratings for different types of areas. For example, a swamp cooler with a CFM rating of 600 will cover an area of 900 square meters. Hence, both types of swamp coolers are designed to cool different places. Choose the right one for yourself by taking your requirements into consideration.