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Symptoms of Air Conditioning System Failure

The failure of an air conditioning system can be a big hassle, especially in exceptionally warm climates. Depending on the issue and type of system, an air conditioning unit can take a couple of days to fix. If there is a major issue, it will require more time to and you may even have to replace the system. This is why it is best to identify these issues in the initial stages.

If the issues are identified early on, they can be fixed with minimal effort. Moreover, your unit will sustain less damage. But if the issue is allowed to progress, the unit may sustain substantial damage. Here are a few symptoms of potential air conditioning failure, if you notice any of them, call a professional immediately:

Cooling Level

The first and foremost sign of air conditioning failure is the decline in the cooling level. A drop in cooling could be a symptom of any of several issues. Therefore, it should not be ignored. Failure to cool properly may be the result of something simple, like a clogged filter. You can simply remove the filter yourself and replace it, or simply clean and reinstall it. However, the same symptoms may be caused by a bigger problem, like compressor failure. At the first sign of trouble, you should have an air conditioning technician inspect the system.

Temperature of Pipe

Another place to look for potential failure is the pipe leading to the condenser. The best way to check this is to touch the pipe and feel the temperature. Under normal circumstances, the pipe should not be warm. If you touch the copper pipe and it feels warm to touch, it means your unit is on the verge of failure. This could mean one of two things. The most common issue is compressor failure. This is a slightly expensive repair. However, it can also mean a lack of Freon in the compressor.

Frost on Pipe

This is one issue that is generally mistaken for good performance. Most people see frost on the copper pipes leading to the indoor unit and assume that the unit is working perfectly. In fact, this is an indication of a system failure. This means that the main air supply duct is clogged or the Freon level is low. This issue can lead to a major issue in the air conditioning system. This is why you should have it checked immediately.

Oil Residue

One of the biggest symptoms of compressor failure is oil residue. Oil splatter means that the compressor’s gasket is leaking which leads to the Freon leaking as well. In most cases, the Freon leak is slow. However, you shouldn’t let the Freon run dry completely. If this happens the compressor will sustain major damage. You may even have to replace the compressor to get your air conditioning system working again.

You should also listen for strange noises from your air conditioning system. Strange noises also indicate failure. If you ever come across any of the abovementioned failures, be sure to get in touch with a professional.