The Process of Cleaning Drains Using Jetting Technology

The Process of Cleaning Drains Using Jetting Technology

Feb 11

Dirty drains are a fact of life, but they aren’t one you should have to suffer with. While drain cleaners and chemicals will only partially do the job, drain cleaning services from a local professional will thoroughly clean out your drain and leave it free and unobstructed. This process is ideal because it prevents drains from re-clogging again anytime soon by simply obstructing the small gap created by most alternative drain cleaning methods.

But what exactly happens during a jetting service? What should you expect from one of these appointments, and how should you be prepared? This blog will walk you through the jetting process so you can know what to expect from your appointment and be more comfortable with our procedure.

Preparing for Your Jetting Service

When a drain plugs up in your home and you schedule a jetting service, it helps to prepare the area for your appointment. Here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Find the cleanout located the closest to your impacted drain. A cleanout is an access port that can be opened to expose the inside of your drain line. Your plumber will use this to feed a special tool into the drain and perform the cleaning service. Make sure the area around this cleanout is clear of obstructions.
  • Know where the nearest plug to your drain cleanout is. Your plumber may need access to a plug if their machine is electric-powered, so have a plug within reach. Your plumber will likely have an extension cord, if necessary, but be ready to show them where they can easily plug in.
  • If you have attempted any DIY drain repairs, tell your plumber beforehand. Any attempts to remove a clog may create a potential hazard for our plumber and their tools, particularly when it comes to chemical drain cleaners that often contain acids that are so strong they can cause chemical burns.

Otherwise, a jetting service is pretty straightforward. Your drain specialist will take care of the rest of the process and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

What Happens in a Jetting Service?

During a jetting service, your plumber will feed a specialized tool into your drain line. This tool is essentially a high-pressure water jet connected to a pressure washer. This jet serves two purposes: to wash away the clog in your line, and to scrub the grime and debris that may be stuck on the walls of your drain. The process focuses on not only dislodging your clog, but capturing it and disposing of it properly so it can’t form a new clog further down the line.

The entire process can usually be completed in around an hour or so, but particularly nasty clogs may take longer. Likewise, the time the job will take depends on how far away from your cleanout your clog might be located. If you have no cleanout nearby, your plumber may have to go in from the other side, and this means dismantling your drain line in order to get the tool into it.

Why Jetting Is the Superior Drain Cleaning Method

Jetting is the ideal choice for most drain cleaning services for a number of reasons.

  • Jetting is eco-friendly. Because it only uses water and no harsh chemicals or cleaners, jetting is completely eco-friendly and doesn’t damage the sewer system or the surrounding environment.
  • Jetting is economical. Jetting can remove a wide variety of clogs from a number of different drains and do so in a way that is easier and cheaper than many previous methods. In fact, a plumber can jet several drains in the same house in nothing more than a few hours.
  • Jetting is reliable. No method of drain clog removal is better at removing the source of clogs—accumulated debris stuck to the walls of your drain line. This prevents clogs from coming back anytime in the near future.
  • Jetting is safe. Do you have older drains or plumbing lines? Jetting is the ideal choice because it doesn’t damage or harm your pipes in any way. This makes it a much better option when compared to drain cleaners that are so strong they eat through metal, plastic, and just about any other material to cause even more damage.

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