Signs You Need to Rewire Your Home

Signs You Need to Rewire Your Home

Dec 30

Electrical wiring is designed to last a long time, which is why you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about yours. However, over time, the wiring will begin to degrade, which can reduce its effectiveness and put your home at risk. If your electrical system is acting up, it is important to pay close attention. Ignoring electrical issues (or failing to recognize when they are occurring) can result in appliance failure, electrocution, and even electrical fires.

Not sure if it’s time to rewire your home? Continue to discover 6 surefire signs that it’s time for an electrical system upgrade.

Your Home Is Old

If your home is 50 years old or older, the wiring inside is likely just as old. Once wiring reaches a certain age (around 40), it begins to break down. Old wiring is incapable of supporting modern electrical needs, so you will likely be able to pick up on signs of an aging system.

Your Wiring Is Aluminum

Aluminum wiring was extremely popular in the years between 1965 and 1973 because it was cheap and easy to install; however, electricians quickly noticed that this type of wiring was ineffective and dangerous. In fact, a home with aluminum wiring is at a much greater risk of experiencing a house fire.

Your Lights Are Flickering

If your lights are flickering, buzzing, or dimming, something is wrong with your electrical system. Many people report that their lights start acting up as soon as they start running appliances in their home, such as their washing machine.

Your Outlets Are Discolored or Hot

Hot or scorched outlets and light switches are a very serious problem. This issue indicates that your wiring has overheated and likely produced sparks, which is a surefire sign of faulty wiring.

Your Circuit Breaker Trips Often

If your circuit breaker trips every time you run too many appliances at once, your electrical system is not capable of supporting your electrical needs. Circuit breakers are designed to protect your home from power surges, and they are not providing the same level of protection to your home if they are constantly tripping.

You Don’t Have Enough Outlets

These days, we rely much more heavily on electricity to get us through the day. If you find that you are using a ton of extension cords and power strips to make up for the lack of outlets in your home, your electrical system is not designed to meet your electrical needs.

You Discover Chewed Wiring

If you come across frayed or chewed wiring in your home, you need to schedule an electrical inspection right away. Damaged wiring is a significant shock and fire hazard, and it needs to be addressed ASAP.

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