How to Make Your Own Liquid Drain Cleaner

How to Make Your Own Liquid Drain Cleaner

Apr 3

DIY Drain Cleaner

It can be frustrating when your drain starts to slow. More often than not, it’s usually followed by a complete clog. When faced with this problem, many homeowners want to fix the problem themselves before calling a professional.

We put together some DIY drain cleaning options that are safe to try so you can clear up that clog.

Recipe Options

Based on what you have available to you or what’s sitting in your home, you can create a drain cleaning solution with these recipes:

  1. Baking soda & vinegar – A tried-and-true method that pits these two ingredients for a bubbly response.
  2. Baking soda & lemon juice – A similar method that provides a lemon scent!
  3. Baking soda & salt or cream of tartar – While you won’t get the reaction as with vinegar, these options can still help break down light clogs.

Use equal parts of liquid and dry ingredients to create a workable mixture. Dump both down the drain and wait 15 minutes or a few hours for tough clogs. Feel free to repeat this process if it doesn’t catch the first time.

The Secret Ingredient

After pouring your mixture down the drain and letting it go to work, finish the job with a pot of boiling water. This will help clear the solution from the drain and hopefully push the clog out. You can also try this by itself, as it can sometimes be enough to shock minor clogs into breaking up.

What Not to Use

If you’re not the DIY type or don’t get the results you want from these recipes, you may be tempted to pick up a chemical drain cleaner from the store. Popular brands tout their ability to beat clogs no problem but leave out the reality. These chemicals will destroy your pipes, leaving behind corrosion that can cause leaks and force you to replace pipes sooner than necessary.

If you can’t clear the clog yourself, call in a professional plumber to help get the water flowing again.

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