Top 5 Signs Your Light Switch Is Broken

Top 5 Signs Your Light Switch Is Broken

Jul 29

Although you flip your light switches off and on every day, it is important to remember they are a part of a larger and complex electrical system. We take it for granted that our switches will work, and when they don’t, we usually assume all we have to do is change a lightbulb. But after years in use and thousands of flicks on and off, the problem with your light switch may be more complicated than you think. Find out the top five signs your light switch is broken here, and remember to hire our skilled electricians at AAA Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric for lighting services and all the other electrical repairs and replacements you need.

Your Light Switch May Be Broken If:

  1. The cover is cracked or broken: Usually, a cracked or broken light switch cover is more of a cosmetic issue than an electrical one. Still, leaving your light switch exposed like this can be dangerous, and may create new problems or expose existing ones with a switch’s wiring.
  2. Your light keeps flickering on and off: If your light flickers whenever you turn the switch on, chances are there’s a problem with the connections between the switch and your light fixture. You may need to install a new light switch if this keeps happening.
  3. You can hear noises coming from your light switch: If you hear a buzzing, clicking, or popping noise when you turn your switch on, there is likely a problem with the internal components in your wall, and your switch will have to be replaced.
  4. Your light switch feels warm: It is not uncommon for your dimmer switch to feel warm when you go to turn it off, especially if it has been on for a good amount of time. However, standard toggle light switches should never feel warm to the touch, so if your switch keeps heating up, do not ignore the problem. Especially if…
  5. Your light switch is sparking: On rare occasions, you may see a small spark come out of your light switch. This is called a load arc, and it generally occurs when the connections within the switch are pulled away from one another. Small sparking like this is actually not a problem, however, large electrical sparking is just about the most dangerous thing a light switch can do. This is usually accompanied by a “snapping” sound, as well as potential smoking and scorch marks. Do not ignore this if it happens, and do not try to use the light switch again. Instead, call a professional electrician to swap out your old light switch with a safe, new replacement.

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