Why Your Basement Bathroom Absolutely Needs an Ejector Pump

Why Your Basement Bathroom Absolutely Needs an Ejector Pump

Mar 5

An ejector pump is crucial for any bathroom, laundry room, or a plumbing fixture installed below the main septic line.

What is an Ejector Pump?

In most homes, the plumbing pipes run in between joists under floors and in walls. That means any water facilities — shower, toilet, sink, etc. — installed below have to connect to the network of pipes above.

That’s where the ejector pump comes in. This waste transportation unit is the solution for plumbing that’s underneath your home’s main system.

An ejector pump is essential where there is no available gravity. It ejects sewage by pushing waste up and into the main septic line and ensures that you won’t experience a sewage backup issue.

Because this piece of equipment is so vital to basement facilities, some models come with an alarm to alert homeowners to a malfunction.

What are the Benefits of an Ejector Pump?

Refurbishing, or adding to a basement can create a whole new living space. If this includes a bathroom, a correct plumbing installation must be taken into consideration. An ejector pump must be installed by a professional to ensure your basement plumbing fixtures function properly.

Once installed, a sewage pump should continue to work without additional issues. An ejector pump can vary in price, but it is usually a minimal investment to make in a home’s plumbing system.

Bottom line: Finishing your basement? If it includes a laundry room or bathroom, contact AAA Service at (303) 622-3449. We’ll assess your home’s plumbing system to determine the right ejector pump for you.