Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

Dec 5

It’s the first week of December, which means you’re probably ready to bake cookies, play your favorite holiday music, and get your home decorated for the season. In fact, dressing your home for the holidays should be a fun family activity, but it can also turn dangerous if you aren’t mindful of how you’re using your electricity. 

4 Important Holiday Safety Tips

As it’s known, most holiday decor is powered by electricity. And as a result, accidents and fires are unfortunate, but not uncommon, during the holiday season. Use these tips to keep your home safe, merry, and bright! 

1. Inspect decorations for damage before use

Before setting your holiday lights and reindeer decor, be sure to check each piece for damage. This may include loose, cracked, or bare wires or damaged sockets around your home. Split or broken electrical outlets and lawn ornaments can cause severe shocks and may start a fire in your home. 

2. Do not overload outlets

One of the most common causes of electrical fires during the holiday season stems from overloading outlets. Remember to plug one high-wattage furnishing per outlet at a time.

3. Never connect more than three strings of lights 

Holiday lights are beautiful, but not when you blow a fuse! Do not connect more than three strands of incandescent lights., since these can spark and cause a fire.

4. Turn off and unplug all decorations before bed

In addition to wasting energy, leaving your Christmas decorations on once you’ve gone to bed is quite dangerous. Lights can spark overnight and cause a fire.

If you’re ready to adorn your home in holiday cheer, having an electrician check your outlets beforehand is one of the best ways to keep your house and family safe. Call AAA for home electrical repair, wiring, or installation today, (303) 313-3333. We’re the friendly, professional electricians in the Denver area!