What is a Hose Bibb?

What is a Hose Bibb?

Apr 8

The invention of the hose bibb revolutionized modern home landscaping. This wonderfully versatile valve features an angular male hose connection that extends from a horizontal pipe extruding from a building. Why is a bibb so revolutionary? It allows controlled angular water flow from the main plumbing source, and it prevents garden hose kinks as well as wear and tear.

Here are some things you should know about hose bibbs:

Your Landscape and Watering Needs

Depending on your landscape watering needs, there are different types of hose bibbs that will create ultimate freedom on your property. Sturdy brass and steel valves help you regulate precise water volume controls. This ensures water availability to every zone on your property, plus prevents the abnormal wear of hoses throughout the season.

Hose Bibb Designs

Hose bibbs have gone through significant design changes in the past few decades. Bibbs now include designs that accommodate multiple hoses with individual flow volume controls, 90 and 45-degree angles, and anti-siphon features. All of these improvements help preserve your watering equipment, and they make watering yards and gardens more efficient.

What Type of Hose Bibb is Right For You?

Determining the right type of hose bibbs for your exterior faucets is not just a simple matter of attaching extra valves. When you have decided what watering regimen is best for your landscaping, you will need to find the bibb type that will be best to use. Depending on your needs the type of hose bibb you choose can address the following:

  • Water flows for various hose diameters
  • The need to ensure non-leak faucet connections.
  • Corrosion and hard water issues.
  • Options for connecting multiple hoses to a single faucet location.
  • Accessibility concerns arising from valve handle and shutoff types.
  • Finding appropriate designs for yard and animal watering requirements.

Hose Bibb Covers and Weather

Another huge concern for people who are wanting to install hose bibbs is the weather. What is the appropriate bibb design for places that experience incredibly harsh winters and heavy snowfalls? Our experienced team can show you how to protect hose bibbs during the winter with covers. Exploring covers that keep faucets accessible during the winter months is also a useful option.

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