Luxury Smart Toilets for Your Royal Flush

Luxury Smart Toilets for Your Royal Flush

Jul 17

Talking about toilets isn’t usually the most interesting topic for everyday conversation, but we’ve got something to share!

Features and Benefits of Smart Toilets

Modern technology has given us a variety of conveniences from smartphones and smart TVs to smart refrigerators, so why not a smart toilet? Yes, we said “smart toilet”!

Want to make your “loo experience” more enjoyable? Here are some bells and whistles that you can get with a contemporary commode!

A Splash of Water!

As a staple in European bathrooms, bidets are often a built-in option with many smart toilets on the market today. So, save space in your bathroom and forgo the clunky bidet fixture. For those who prefer a wash over wipe, a smart toilet “à la bidet” could be the right one for you!

Turn up the Heat!

Raise your hand if you hate sitting on a cold toilet seat! Yeah, nothing worse than waking up still half asleep to be jolted by an ice-cold sensation on your bum. However, there is a remedy. Many new luxury toilets come with heated seating so your tush can stay as warm as a baby swaddled in a blanket!

Automatically Correct!

The automation on some of these smart toilets is genius! First of all, ladies, you’ll love the ones that will put the toilet seat down automatically after your man uses it. Gentleman, you’ll be pleased to know that getting scolded for leaving it up will no longer be an issue! Some smart toilets also come with an auto-flush feature as well.

Smells Like Roses!

If you don’t want anyone to know your “business,” a smart toilet can be very discreet. Built-in deodorizers can remove any odors and have the bathroom smelling as fresh as a bed of roses. Subsequent loo users won’t suspect a thing!

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