How Ultraviolet Air Disinfection Works

How Ultraviolet Air Disinfection Works

Mar 12

Though it might not sound like an accessible treatment for a home, ultraviolet air disinfection is a highly effective treatment for homes with dangerous microorganisms. It’s also quite safe and fast, making it a prime choice when seeking to halt an infestation. All it takes is a bit of reading to understand the science and operation of ultraviolet disinfection. Read on to find out how it works.

The Ultraviolet Disinfection Process

  • Germicidal ultraviolet light works by corrupting or killing the cores of microorganisms. Since it’s electromagnetic radiation, the UV light breaks down bacteria, viruses, and spores at their most basic levels. If the organisms don’t die, they are nonetheless rendered inert by the radiation, no longer posing a risk to those in the home.
  • The actual systems vary based on what the customer prefers. One option is to install a unit that forces air past a UV lamp, filtering out any dangerous organisms caught in the flow. Another is to place the UV light fixture in the home’s air system, such as on drain pans or the coils. These fixtures often come with a shield for blocking the light so as to not bother residents.
  • Effectiveness varies based on two specific measurements: time and wavelength. The longer the germicidal UV light is left on, and the more intense the light is, the more effective the treatment will be. Placing the unit where microorganisms are likely to spawn, such as damp areas, can increase effectiveness. It’s important to be careful around the light regardless of how long-standing or intense it is. Since direct, prolonged exposure can cause eye and skin irritation.

Ultraviolet air disinfection isn’t hard to grasp or implement. With the power of UV radiation, pathogens and other microscopic organisms are cleared from the air we breathe. Customers can have their homes cleaned and protected with a simple installation.

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