The Perfect Lighting for Your Man Cave

The Perfect Lighting for Your Man Cave

Nov 9

Whether it is a man cave or just a multi-purpose room for the family, lighting really brings a space together. Some might like a bold and bright atmosphere, while others might go for the more dim and classic look. Regardless of your preference, the AAA Service team can help you achieve your desired lighting. While you’re planning your redesign, take a look at some of these creative lighting ideas to add when the room is complete!

Cassette Lamps

Remember all of those old cassette tapes that you thought you would never use again? Well, break them out of their box because the team at AAA Service is helping you put them to use. Take a normal neon lamp and take off whatever shade was originally on the piece. Then, take the necessary amount of tapes and string them together in a square shape with zip ties. Those useless tapes have now been transformed into a beautiful work of art.

Bottle Chandeliers

Instead of throwing away those old wine and beer bottles, make a fun decoration with them. Go to your local hardware store and buy a LampKit for around 10$. Make sure you purchase bulbs that can actually fit inside the rim of the bottle or you can trim it down if you have to. Then hang the bottles from the chandelier and gaze upon your masterpiece.

Team Lamps

If you root for the hometown Rockies, Broncos, Nuggets, and Avalanche, show them your support with your lighting. You can go to the team store and purchase different kinds of lamps, nightlights, and signs that show your fan hood. No man cave is complete without some sport-inspired lighting.

Disco Ball

If you want to take it back a couple of years, invest in a disco ball that you can break out on those special occasions. This is a bit more complicated than our other ideas, so give the AAA Electrical team a call and we can help you install it. You’ll be dancing the night away in no time!  

At AAA Service, our electrical team is every bit as committed to customer service as our plumbing, heating and cooling employees. We will show up on time, listen to your needs, analyze your lighting project and give you an estimate that we think works best. The good news is, the price is the price and that is going to change throughout the project. There are no surprises with the guys in the bright pink trucks.

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