Safety Tips for Space Heaters

Safety Tips for Space Heaters

Feb 3

It is not uncommon for people to use space heaters in conjunction with their heating systems. Do you use a space heater at home? If so, keep the space heater safety tips below in mind.

  • Space heaters should have certification labels on them. This ensures that they were tested in a laboratory for safety.
  • Read the instructions and warning labels prior to using a space heater.
  • Do not use a space heater that has a frayed or damaged electrical cord.
  • Never leave a space heater running when no one is in the room.
  • Turn off the space heater when leaving the house or going to sleep.
  • Have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home. They should be tested once a month.
  • Change batteries in battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Remember that space heaters should only be used temporarily.
  • Do not put items or materials within three feet of a space heater.
  • Space heaters should not be plugged into an extension cord. Instead, they should be plugged into a wall outlet.
  • Unplug space heaters that are not being utilized.

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